Dates night harvest

The new T4 Picking & Pruning Machines

The date palm trees in kibbutz Yutvata are shaken during summer nights. The harvest of dates in the southern Arava is at its peak.

The Yotvata farm harvests dates from 1000 dunams (about 247 acres) using an innovative and breakthrough method.

The Afron’s AF18 and AF20, manufactured by Afron, are equipped with a unique shaking head that allows different frequencies for maximum efficiency. shaking the date palm tree at The variable frequencys enables farmers to choose how many fruits to harvest and how many fruits to leave on the tree for the next round.
The system also includes a fruit collection bag on the working platform.
the system is unique to Yotvata and made by Afron. 

on top of the Afron basket, there are only three workers – a driver and two “pickers” who receive the fruit from the bag and arrange it in crates.

The unique date palm shaking mechanism was developed in Yotvata in close cooperation with the Apron company.
The labor savings are enormous, the harvest is efficient, and the fruit is excellent!

During the harvest month, members of the kibbutz, members of various youth groups, discharged soldiers, and students join forces to harvest all the trees in the plantation.

Afron is proud to accompany Kibbutz Yotvata for decades, and we are happy to continue providing mechanical and engineering solutions to every challenge.

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