Since 1967, AFRON Machinery Ltd. specializes in designing, manufacturing and delivering hydraulically powered and heavy duty agricultural equipment

About us

Since 1967, AFRON Machinery Ltd. Has specializes in designing, manufacturing and delivering hydraulically powered and heavy duty agricultural equipment for harvesting, picking and pruning a variety of crops in diverse climates and topographies.

As a leader in its field for over 50 years, AFRON has used their unique technology design and engineering skills to refine the machines providing their customers around the world with the most innovative, highest quality and reliable range of diverse machines.

AFRON specializes in catering to the changing needs of its customers – machines can be individually and quickly tailored to customers’ unique requirements.

World AG EXPO in Tulare, California

With our many years of experience and extensive specialized knowledge in the field of orchard equipment manufacturing and orchard supplies make AFRON the best choice for individual orchard owners as well as for harvesting contractors.

Our product mix includes mechanical pruning machines, power ladders, shakers, and hydraulically powered pruning hand tools.

Ease of Operation:
Our machines are tested in tough conditions to ensure long and trouble-free service.  Our engineering designers work to produce machinery with the highest safety standards, ease of operation and convenience.

Best Service:
Through our dealers around the globe, we offer outstanding service, from your initial enquiry through on premise servicing and availability of spare parts. All machines are supplied with easy to follow service manual, supported by our easily accessible experts who are available to give advice.

High Standards:
We take pride in our high safety standards which have been maintained over five decades through all our diverse models.


AFRON is committed to lead the development of next generation agricultural machines for tree pruning and fruit picking, in order to create a personal and economic well-being for growers around the world.

By using advanced high-end technology, utilizing our engineering expertise based on our over 50 years of experience and continuously striving for the highest quality, we help our customers to achieve even greater productivity.

We provide innovative products and services tailored to our customers’ specific needs with ease of use and maintenance, superior safety and durability.


Leading Innovation

At AFRON we pursue engineering design leadership for the purpose of creating value for our customers.


AFRON expertize and knowhow make us a valuable partner for our customers with whom we have established long-term relationships based on integrity, trust and honesty.


We pride ourselves on providing best in class service, quick response, on premise technical assistance and local availability of spare parts.


We have been utilizing our innovative thinking to develop and design machines that help growers to produce better yield without causing harm to the environment.


Our highly trained and professional employees are committed to deliver the highest quality machines. Striving for constant improvement, we use an on-line control system to ensure consistency, reliable and uncompromising quality.

Stepping Stones

afron was founded in Israel
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