Our History


Mr. Yigal Michelson


AFRON Machinery Ltd. was founded in 1966 by Yigal Michelson. The name of the company “AFRON” was consumed of his 2 children – Afrat & Yaron.

The first Picking Tower was introduced in 1966 as an innovative solution for picking Avocados and Mangos in the most efficient, safe and fast way, saving endless hours of expensive labor costs.

In 1969 Yigal Michelson granted by “Kaplan Prize” for his invention describing the first “Michelzon” as an easy to use and affordable machine with the highest operational flexibility ever presented.

Yaron Michelson

Yaron Michelson
continued his father legacy since 2010 until today. Yaron led the company to a continuous growth and development, geographical expansion and introduction of the new generation of Dates Picking Platforms, Hydraulic Pruning Machines and Shakers machines for harvesting Almonds.

For years after, Yigal Michelson continued to introduce innovative solutions for pruning and picking, selling them in Israel and around the world and gained a reputation of the leading inventor in the fields of heavy duty, mechanical and hydraulic picking, pruning and harvesting machines for which he also granted patents by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) such as:

Apparatus for trimming hedges, e.g. hedge shears – An object of our invention is to provide a tree topper with telescoping tower and oscillating boom which may be mounted on a powered vehicle, such as a tractor. The device is compact and its center of gravity is low. The device is rotatable supported at the front and back of the tractor and it may be tilted laterally as a unit and in either direction from a vertical position.

Power Ladders characterized by being mounted on undercarriages or vehicles Securing ladders on vehicle – Platforms with lifting and lowering devices.

A hydraulic tool, such as might be used to prune trees, for alternately producing a relatively strong power stroke and a relatively weak reset stroke, which includes a reciprocating member within a housing and a hydraulic system made up of two chambers.

A tree shaker comprising a construction having a front end engaging two arms for gripping a tree

Stepping Stones

afron was founded in Israel
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