HD-1800-AB T4

HD-1800-AB T4

Features and Benefits of HD-1800-AB T4

  • Tops both sides of a row in a single pass
  • Hedges both sides of a row in a single pass
  • Skirts both sides of a row in a single pass
  • Variable-speed rotating crosses
  • Mounted on our 6 cylinder T4 power unit
  • New and improved piston mounted Operator’s Cabin for max convenience, easy maintenance and precise operation

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  • Max Hedging Width: 24ft 8in
  • Max Hedging Height: 33ft 9in
  • Max Flat Topping Width: 37ft 3in
  • Max Flat Topping Height: 21ft 9in
  • Max Gable Width: 21ft 10in
  • Max Gable Height: 21ft 9in
  • Min Skirting Width: 14ft 1in
  • Min Skirting Height: 2ft 1in
  • Transport Height: 11ft 5in
  • Cutting Capacity: 2.5″ Diameter Wood
  • Engine: 200 hp John Deere Final Tier 4 Diesel Engine
  • 4-Wheel Steering
  • Side-Tilting Chassis

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